Influential aspects of Political parties of India since ages

With so much of political exposure being seen since a longer time, politics has always been one of the most controversial phenomena. A position for what people fight against one another in the form of parties, but their main motive relies in spreading awareness, harmony, integrity and patriotism. The structure of politics in India is such that it rounds around constitution of India as center point of the circle of politics and also writs play important roles. Politics is to be considered as a platform where debates and decisions are being carried out amongst some amount of people. You can see, there are assigned positions for all the people in the politics who work under the framework of the constitution.

Politics then

With the best ideologies being present before, from the year 1885-1920 Congress had their voices strengthen with the support of the councils. Dadabhai Naoroji who as then elected to exercising under British Parliament. Now, this Government had a slow approach in case of reforms, mail services, correspondence, telegraph and party sessions that named them as Moderates. In the first decade another group that came into existence is Extremists, was led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, who were against the British. They represented themselves as Hindus and thus started a co-operation with the Congress. After which the influential aspect increased yet British started arrests and incarcerations in the year 1916.

Politics then was just a way to get connected with the community and to understand certain disputes or issues related to certain matters. However, there is a huge difference between the old and the new way of dealing with the Politics.

Politics Now and elections

Politics abides The Constitution of India thus imposes certain rights and duties that are to be guarded by the political parties. The most important aspects of Politics are the two main pillars:

  • Rajya sabha-It is an Upper level attribute that governs the States of Indian Federation
  • Lok Sabha –It is a Lower level attribute that governs India as a whole

Both of which hold certain powers and limitations in the favour of the central and state government. Whereas the President of India considered to be the head of the country and Prime Minister governs the government. India is well known for being a democratic nation where there is a federal parliamentary. This helps the country to follow dual policy. There are colossal numbers of political parties approximately 200 in number. Features of these political parties are:

  • Woven around the leaders
  • Leaders play a dominant role
  • Encourages role of leadership
  • Enthusiasts dynamic route

Elections are conducted amongst the Regional or State and National Party. With the consideration or registration of Election Commission of India, symbols are compulsion for the identification of the parties. Symbols play a vital role in politics as it also helps an illiterate to vote in favour of his supporting party.

Thus, there is a lot to politics yet the history of the politics has seen a tremendous breakdown and arrival of the political parties. Alliances were formed to gratify peace, law and order in national interest.