Best 10+ Ways to Develop Interest in Studies Here All Detail

The study is a part of life, but with the modern era, the study has become life. In the daily stressful life, it’s a bit natural to lose interest in studies, but we have to remain on the track either hook or by a cook. It’s very easy to lose focus, but really tough to get it back. There can be plenty of reasons behind that, but everyone will consider it just excuses. “What matters is the only success”. You are not here to be average, you are here to be awesome.

Everyone faces ups and downs in their life but never ever compromise with your studies. Don’t let your studies be the victim of your problems.

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Here we are sharing 10 ways to create interest in studies for school students –

#1 Meditation

It is very important to relax and rejuvenate your mind before starting a study. Until you are not focused, you can’t be able to concentrate on your studies. So, make a habit to do meditation for at least 5 minutes before going to study.

And trust me, your 15 minutes in morning could help you a lot in keeping you focused towards your studies for the whole day.

#2 Prepare a Time – Table

Are you not able to complete your daily homework or not getting time to revise the previous topics? There can be the reason that you are not managing your time properly. Make a proper and genuine timetable, allocate time to your homework, revise what you have studied in class but remember preparing a timetable is easy, difficult is its execution. Stick to your timetable and stick to your task.

#3 Understand its Relevance for your Future

You have to understand the relevance of your studies with future. The movement you realized how these subjects are going to help you have a good career, I promise you will take it as a responsibility. A responsibility towards your success and your future.

Many of the students fear from the Maths but do you know its importance. This subject gives you career in Finance, medical, engineering, and basic science. Also, it sharpens your brain and worth studying.

Science subject is important to study because it let you know the most aspects of everyday’s life, relating to everything like food, energy, medicine, transportation, leisure activities and more.

Do you think history is boring? But when it comes to shaping our society it plays a very vital role. This subject plays a vital role in preparing students for the future.

Understanding the relevance of each and every subject, and realize how difficult it would be to fulfill your dreams without studying this will automatically develop your interest in such.

#4 Set Your Goals  

You are not a kid now. We always use to satisfy ourself we are not such talented and make ourself busy in appreciating others. However, each and every student born with the same brain, the only difference is how they grow their brain with the passage of time. So, it’s very important to set your goals and note it down. Tell your dreams to your parents or your siblings as this will make you obliged to achieve it.

Also, you can write it down on a paper and paste it on your wall. So, that every time it can make you remember your goals.

#5 Develop Fun in your Studies

Do you think why we retain stories of movies or cartoons for a longer time as compared to our studies? This is because we enjoy it. Many of the schools use to show movie clips or drawings to develop the interest of students in studies. You can do it yourself. While reading a chapter, you can imagine yourself as one of its characters and also involve your friends as it’s other characters. Trust me, you will going to love your studies and never forget anything.

Beside this, you can also organize some quizzes or games related to your study as competition will keep you learning.

#6 Listen to Your Voice

Whenever we start some theoretical subject, don’t you think we feel slippy? Because we don’t listen to our voice. Inner reading makes our reading boring and also we could not retain it for a longer time. Try to read loudly so that you can listen to your voice. This will help you not to feel slippy and focus on your studies.

#7 Create a Competition for yourself

If others can do it, then why not me? Create a positive attitude about yourself. Do you remember, once Sachin Tendulkar was late at his practice? When guru asked the reason for such, he said he was chirring one of his friends then his guru slapped him and advised stop clapping on the success of others. Develop such capability in yourself so that everyone would clap for you. This was a beginning towards his success and today you can see the result.

Then why you consider yourself as an ordinary student? Develop a competitive feeling inside yourself. You can also be ranker of the class or monitor of the class, or hold other respective positions. This feeling will motivate you to study and develop your interest in such.

#8 Leave the company of Friends who distract You

Believe me, I have seen many students who spoiled their career due to the bad company. If you are also having any of such friend who distracts you from your studies then better to stay away from them. Make good friends who can help you and give priority to your goals.

#9 Short Breaks

Regular study for more than 3-4 hours can increase your labor work. So, it’s better to take short breaks to refresh your mind. In every 2 hours, you should take 15 minutes refreshment break so that you can learn effortlessly. Also, i advised you to start with your favorite subject which will increase your confidence level.

#10 Reward Yourself on Success

Last but not least, set some rewards for your success. What do you like most? Is it ice cream or chocolate or something else? Whenever you score good marks in your test or you’re appreciated by your teacher, you should reward yourself with the thing you like most. Such small rewards can help you developing the interest in studies.


Incorporating these 10 things will help students make interest in their studies and perform much better in exams.